Sunday, November 16, 2008

! GoOd GOod maNnerS !


Mm,, today,, i would like to give a post about goOd manners.. Since im not too fine today (coz i had a fever for about 3 days),, i'll try my best to perform a good post.. :)


"Those kids have no manners.."
"Didn't the parents teach them manners?"
"They need a good guidience before it's too late.."
All these laments are usually heard and uttered..

Manners?? What is manners? For me, manners is included as habits, customs, and also social behaviour. Manners also can be learnt.. I think many kids that have lack of social skills are because they are still young.. So, parents should look for ways to educate their children on such skills.. They also must have good manners to give good examples and values to their children..

If children did'nt know how to do anything.. Parents should incharge for teaching them propperly.. Dont be so mean,, coz children cant even know how to do anything if nobody wants to teach them..right? ~Unless, for doing bad things or endangerous things.. And, try not to be so hard (push) on them because they could throw their tantrums and there are some who simply do whatever they wish since they are not satisfied.. Better try to teach them with steps so they could know the way for doing a work..

For example,,. By teaching to ride a bycicle, parents should teach their children how to hold the handles, put their feet in the pedal, how to keep on balance and gradually teach how to cycle.. They may fall and hurt themselves but they will eventually be balancing and cycling on their own.. Once they master it, they know it for life..

Children, usually love to have fun. So, they are better learn for good manners practically than refer to books.. So,, lets get start it from the eating habits, coz.. for me, it could be more easy since they usually have eating time in a day..

Ok,, first of all.. try to teach them during eating...

1) Tell them to sit on the chair propperly..

2) Perform a doa' before eating..

3) If they use their hands for eating, teach them for beeing very carefull so the foods will not fall out from their plate..

4) They should know which fork to use, how to tlit the spoon to sip their soup, how to fold their napkins at the table, how to bite their cookies and even how to chew their foods..

5) And lastly,, after eating, dont let them use a lot of water for washing hands ~make sure they're clean and dont forget for the doa'..

After they master in the eating habits, go on with the other works and habits.. Always reminds them for beeing good manners to everyone, at any place, and on any time..

Subhanallah,, once they know, they'll do it for life.. Thus, if there is a family gathering or maybe at the shopping complex, and even anywhere, parents will no longer worry about their children in mis-behaving on doing work.. But, they could show their islamic attitudes.. So,, they could be the good examples for the others, right..?

Besides learning for good manners, they also learn how to be dicipline.. For example,, they will know for keeping-clean during eating,, and there is a hadith that says "Annazafatu minnal Iman".. Another example, they will learn for not beeing misspend and there is also a hadith that says "Innal Mubazireena Ikhwanul Syayathin".. So,, these diciplines could relate them more about Islam.. and Insya Allah,, they will be the great next generation of ummah.. :)



LURHAF said...

waa~!! superb english,., semakin ramai plak yg power bi kebelakangan nie,., bgus2,., lepas nie kan, mulalah parent2 satu malaysia start carik,., kaunselor ibu bapa terhebat,., nabilah,., hahaha,.,

tpkan,., rasenyer sifat seorang anak tuh kan,., turut dipengaruhi abng2 die,., or kakak2 die,., or even adek beradek die,., so, post nie mmg sesuai gak jadik panduan untuk para abang dan kakak,., kowt lerw,., hahaha,., papepon, nice post,.,

lalala~~ salam,.,

Xellos said...

hurmmm~..ape pon manusia sng dibentuk da diterapkan segale yg baik mase waktu kecil...bile dah besar,susah jadinyer...



**Nurfatmah Nabilah** said...


hahaha.. kaunselor ibu bapa.. boleh tahan gak.. :] huhu~

mmm.. yup2,, sesuai jugak untuk abg ngan kakak, coz, kadang2 parents g kerja.. xsempat nk bimbingkan.. huhu~ btul3..

kayh,, tenkiu komen..


**Nurfatmah Nabilah** said...

hehehe.. btul2 suhail..

"melentur buluh biarlah dr rebungnya"

huhu~ thnx ye..

little hafiz.... said...

salam!!! nice post.... blh jd kaunselor....
btol kater fahrul ikut abg n kakak..
nasib baiklah ana x jd abg....

Kaza said...


fuhh~~ kakak abang??
terase la plak..!!
nway, nice post and..RESPECTO!!

recordeddays is the name of my blog but nway, could u find any eng word in it?? lalala~~


**Nurfatmah Nabilah** said...


to muaz..
haha,, xpe.. xjd abg pun, still dpt amik pengajaran kat sni..:)
thnx komen.

to kak aza..
huhu.. tq tq tq..
recordeddays? hahaha.. xpe, kaza kn smagat BM.. hehe.. k, thnx komen..

salam :]