Friday, December 10, 2010

The Almighty


Assalam all~ Well, about a year had elapsed since my last published post.. It wasn't that i didn't feel like updating my blog but I had an extremely tight schedule during this year, since

  • I have moved to another school, which I started in March.

(Sungai Pusu Smart School ^_^)

  • I ran out from my hostel, ahaks.

(but still missing my dorm)

  • I had a very busy schooldays.

And what most is this holiday is not really a holiday for me. “,

Hmm, it was something that just popped into my head that makes me soon accustomed myself to the idea for updating my blog right now.

I would like to share what my baba told me a story that happened in the time Prophet Musa ‘alaihissalam became Allah's prophet on earth. Baba said he read about this in Kitab Riyadhus Solihin but he seemed to forget in which jilid it held. He said Prophet Musa ‘ailaihissalam had a mukjizat that makes him able to address our Almighty God through a hijab. So, there were some conversations between them.,

Musa ‘alaihissalam : O Allah.. Is there any adverse effect on you if all of your creations (he means all of the planets, stars, suns, humans, mountains, animals, etc etc.) rebel against your instructions?

And our Almighty Allah said : Absolutely NO.

At this time, Baba asked me, “Awak tahu tak kenapa nabila?”

Of course, I shook my head.

So, Musa ‘alaihissalam asked HIM back : Why Ya Allah? You have created all of these creations in the world and you wouldn’t override the adverse effect?

Our Almighty Allah said : Yes indeed. I have created creatures that one of them could eat this whole universe (of course, He MEANS all of it) in just one GULP. And now, they are all grazing it in my field.

I was so shocked and I got speechless. I mean, wallahu’alam, in my box of mind, I was thinking about the black holes. Well untill now, none of us could discover what in the black holes are. It is beyond the phase of our thinking..

And I was imagining, whatever that creatures are they must be billion billion times bigger than us.. Subhanallah, our Almighty God is superfluously great.

Ya Allah, how small we are on your side but most of us could not feel the guilt against our own violations. Astaghfirullah.